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Written test Guide and Resources

To prepare for the Knowledge Test, Please use the following resources:

Instructions to take the test successfully:
While taking the test, if you don't know answer to a question, just skip it instead of answering it Wrong. If you accumulated 11 wrong answers, the test will automatically Fail. When you will answer 40 of the 50 questions Correct, the Test will automatically Pass without going any further. You can always come back to the skipped questions if you need to.

Translator Assisted written Tests

It is every Americans right to get a driver's license. If English is not your primary language and you cannot pass the written test on your own, you can get the help of a translator to understand and pass the test. The MVC staff can help arrange a translator for the language you are requesting.

The Translator can help translate the test into many languages so you can pass your written test and get your long awaited New Jersey driver license.

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Sample Test

Compas Driving School has compiled sample online questions to help you practice for your New Jersey DMV (MVC) written/knowledge test.

These online sample permit questions should only be looked at AFTER you have read through the MVC (DMV) Driver Manual. These sample questions are meant to gauge your knowledge of the material in the booklet, not replace the booklet itself.

You may obtain a Paper copy of the official NJ DMV (MVC) guide by visiting your nearest Motor Vehicles agency or you can simply downland a pdf version from the MVC website. There is no fee for the booklets, and they are printed in English and Spanish.